What is a HydraFacial™?

HydraFacial™ is a facial treatment using a patented vortex technology to deliver cleansing, exfoliation , extraction, and hydration to the skin. The suction device removes oil, dirt, and debris while leaving you with a glowing, clear, and hydrated complexion. HydraFacial™ is perfect for someone looking for a more advanced facial to address hydration and congestion.

Is it okay for all skin types?

HydraFacial™ is generally safe for all skin tones and types and recommend for clients that feel congested, dry, dull, or preparing for a special event. A consultation with one of our skin specialists is the best way to ensure you are a candidate.

What are the benefits of a HydraFacial™?

Quick Facts

Results last: 3-4 weeks*

Skin types: All

Time: 30-75 min

Downtime: None

Treatments: Recommended quarterly

Administered: Via HydraFacial™ device

*Individual results may vary


Signature HydraFacial™ :$199

Deluxe HydraFacial™ (our most popular) :$275