Current Lip Lift

Current Facial Plastic Surgery is a destination for Lip Lift surgery.  Dr. Novis is specially trained in the modified lip lift technique to maximize results and minimize scars.  This procedure reverses the aging changes of the lip to permanently restore a more youthful upper lip.

What is a Lip Lift?

Lip lift is a surgical procedure to permanently address a deficient upper lip.  In young individuals with a small or poorly defined upper lip, a lip lift can better define the cupid’s bow and increase red lip show.  In older individuals, lip lift can address the telltale signs of aging – elongated white lip, loss of volume, wrinkles and lipstick bleed lines.  Dr. Novis is experienced and extensively trained in the most advanced techniques to deliver natural-appearing lip lift results.

Lip Lift Before & After

Lip Lift FAQ

With normal aging, the white lip elongates and the red lip loses volume and definition of the cupid’s bow.  Lip filler allows one to plump and highlight the existing red lip, but only minimally increases the red lip height.  After a certain point, adding more volume to the lip will only cause it to protrude forward, giving a “duck lip” appearance, without creating an increase in the lip height.  A lip lift addresses the aging problem of the elongating white lip by removing a thin piece of the white lip beneath the nostrils and giving more height and definition to the cupid’s bow.

The lip lift scar is placed under the nostrils and disguised in the natural shadow under the nose.  Dr. Novis uses a modified approach and is meticulous in incision measuring and planning to avoid unsightly scars at the sides of the nose.  Careful attention to suturing removes any tension on the wound and optimizes the appearance of the lip lift site.

The CURRENT lip lift can comfortably be performed under local anesthesia with oral sedation.  There is no need for general anesthesia.  Carefully placed local anesthesia allows the procedure to be performed painlessly.

After a lip lift, there are hair-fine sutures that are removed at 5-7 days postoperatively.  The upper lip will swell, which is worst for the 1-2 weeks after surgery.  The hair fine incision line under the nose will remain pink for 1-2 weeks after suture removal at which point it may be covered with makeup.  Any persistent redness can be treated with the laser.