Lower Blepharoplasty (Lower Eyelid Surgery)

Current Facial Plastic Surgery is a destination for lower blepharoplasty surgery (lower eyelid) in Myrtle Beach and the Carolinas.  Dr. Novis is an expert in surgery of the delicate eyelid area and uses her training and experience to provide natural results with minimal recovery.

Blepharoplasty Lower Eyelid Surgery

Lower eyelid bags are a telltale sign of aging and often give individuals a “tired” appearance.  Lower eyelid bags can be seen with normal aging, and often there is a significant genetic component.  There are multiple components of lower eyelid bags that must be addressed to give optimal results.  The bag itself is caused by herniation of the fat pads around the orbit, through the orbital septum, which keeps the orbital contents in place. 

Some people have a congenitally weak orbital septum which predisposes to early formation of lower eyelid bags.  Additionally, as we age, the cheek volume descends, causing a tear trough deformity which is often characterized as “under-eye circles.”  Laxity of the undereye skin or skin excess can also occur, worsening the appearance of under-eye bags and creating wrinkles.

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Lower Blepharoplasty Before & After

Lower Lid Blepharoplasty FAQ

Dr. Novis is an expert at scarless lower eyelid surgery.  This is performed by making all incisions inside of the lower eyelid to prevent an external scar (transconjunctival blepharoplasty).  For many patients the procedure can be performed without an external scar.  In patients with excess skin or lower eyelid wrinkles in addition to lower eyelid bags, laser treatment may be recommended for skin tightening or a thin pinch of skin may be removed along the lower lash line.

Yes, Eyelid bag surgery/ Lower lid blepharoplasty is performed under IV sedation or general anesthesia

Patients rarely report pain after lower lid blepharoplasty.  Swelling and “tightness” are expected for the first week after the procedure and resolve with time.

There is normal swelling around the eyelids which peaks at 24-48 hours after surgery.  A surgical dressing is placed over the lower lid skin which is removed at 2-3 days after the procedure.  Bruising is common, especially if performed in conjunction with fat grafting, and will resolve in 1-2 weeks.

Is blepharoplasty permanent? Lower lid blepharoplasty/eyelid bag surgery is permanent and gives results that last many years.  With normal continued aging, excess skin and volume loss or descent can develop over time and repeat blepharoplasty can be performed if needed.